My teaching philosophy is based on my own experiences while taking philosophy classes, supplemented with pedagogical methods and tools that I've learned in formal training at both the University of Colorado and the University of Michigan. Below is some basic information on courses I have been involved with; for a fuller teaching dossier, please contact me directly.

To date, I have taught the following classes as instructor of record:

  • PHIL 1010: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy

  • PHIL 1013: Introduction to Philosophy

  • PHIL 1020: Introduction to Modern Philosophy

  • PHIL 1100: Introduction to Ethics

  • PHIL 1113: Introduction to Logic

  • PHIL 1273: Introduction to Business Ethics

  • PHIL 3313: History of Ancient Philosophy

  • PHIL 5333: Survey of Aristotle’s Philosophy

I'm prepared to teach each of these classes as the primary instructor, and have relevant syllabi available on request. Additionally, I'm prepared to teach the following classes, again with syllabi available on request:

  • Writing and Reasoning

  • Introduction to Bioethics

  • Introduction to Environmental Ethics

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Language

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Science

  • Introduction to Contemporary Metaphysics

  • Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy of Mind

  • Survey: Plato

  • Survey: Hellenistic Philosophy

  • Survey: Medieval Philosophy